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About us

St. Edmund offers the Français Plus program and continues to be an academically driven school. Our vision states that our school be a welcoming, peaceful and stimulating environment where we promote acceptance of diversity in all individuals and nurture a love of learning within each child. 

The staff at St. Edmund remain committed to maximizing individual student learning in an environment where all decisions are made in the best interest of the child. Under the guidance of dedicated educators who embrace professional development and life-long learning, and the support of many devoted parents who have formed a partnership with the school, the students at St. Edmund are provided a well-rounded, challenging education in a safe and nurturing environment.


Our vision is to empower students to develop a growth mindset, become lifelong learners and active global citizens. The core values of the school are respect, inclusion and perseverance.


Our mission is to provide an innovative and nurturing environment where all students can attain their full potential. At St. Edmund, we strive to create an environment where: 

  • Students are encouraged to develop their critical thinking skills, become independent thinkers, to develop a passion for learning and be creative.
  • Students and staff create a community of compassionate, Well-rounded and respectful citizens. 
  • Strong partnerships are developed between the school, families and community. 
  • A culture of health and wellness is regarded as a priority.
  • The community develops a love for the French language and Quebec culture.