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Our School Library consists of an excellent collection of both English and French books. It is headed by a Library Technician who is supported by dedicated parent volunteers. 

Each class visits the library at regularly scheduled times determined by the teacher.

Students are allowed to choose two books from our 25,000 books collection in both French and English per week.

Cycle 2 may borrow 2 books and a magazine. Cycle 3 can borrow in addition an extra French book or magazine. They can renew twice. They are also allowed to borrow one project book with teacher notification. Books are to be returned the following week. Please note the library day of your child and ensure that the books are returned on time. 

Students who do not return their library books on the due date are not allowed to borrow books from the library until they are returned.

Lost books are charged to the parent of the child who lost the book. If the book is found in the current school year, the parent is reimbursed.