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Physical Education

The main goal of the Physical Education program is to encourage students to develop and improve their physical, mental, social and emotional well being through physical activities. It should not, however, be the sole physical activity for any student.

Students in Kindergarten receive 60 minutes of physical education every week.

All other students receive 120 minutes of physical education every week. The study of nutrition will also be incorporated into the program.

If for some reason your child cannot participate, a note stating the reason is necessary. If your child must be exempt for several consecutive classes, a note from your child's physician is required.

Students are required to wear shorts or jogging pants, T-shirt and socks in the dress code colors and running shoes for gym.

It is important to wear running shoes that are reserved for indoor use as running shoes worn outside accumulate dirt, become worn and do not provide the required traction and support.

Pants with buckles, zippers, etc pose a safety hazard in the gym, and are, thus, inappropriate gym wear.

Students with long hair are requested to tie it back for gym. Jewelry is not to be worn on gym days.

Please note the gym day(s) of your child and ensure that the appropriate clothing is worn on those days.


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